Security Monitoring

Pit_3-smallTake a moment to consider your home, the most important place in your life. It’s where you first wake up in the morning, where you prepare to face the world. It is where you laugh with your loved ones and build all the things that make life good. It is where you take refuge from your troubles and, finally, where you lay your head at night.

Isn’t it worth protecting?

Since being established in 1983, Westco has been a leader in the premium security system field. Our burglar alarms and fire alarms are only the beginning: we also employ closed-circuit television (CCTV), access-control systems, and alarm monitoring in the quest to keep your family safe. And since every building has unique strengths and vulnerabilities, our team of professionals will tailor your security system to address those points.

CSSAWe think our record of excellence speaks for itself. At Westco, we constantly strive to meet or exceed the standards of the home security industry. We are certified National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) installers. We also fulfill the requirements of the Missouri Alarm Association MBFAA, the St. Louis Alarm Association, the Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), and the Certified Builder’s Guild (CBG). And our UL-approved local central station gives us a rare advantage when it comes to responding to trouble. Rest assured that our people carry the certification and experience to know how to provide the highest level of security for family and business.

Nobody likes to think about a break-in or fire, and nobody believes it can happen to him or her…until it’s too late. You need the peace of mind that Westco offers. Don’t put it off any longer – call Westco today!