Camera Systems

Security_CamerasOn vacation and worried about the safety of your home? Want to check up on children, elderly relatives, or pets from your office? View live cameras or record videos to be viewed at your convenience. Westco offers high quality cameras and digital video recorders with IP access from any internet connection. The DVR allows you to record video based upon time, event or motion. Camera systems from Westco can be used in a stand-alone installation or can be integrated with smart phone or tablet remote viewing.


Security cameras come in many different styles and performance levels. High-resolution color cameras, some with IR lighting, some that allow you to move the camera left, right, up & down as well as zoom in and out. We have cameras that are vandal resistant and also cameras that can see in the dark. We even have cameras that are hidden inside motion detectors – perfect for checking up on the Nanny! We will work to meet your needs and budget and design a system that will fit perfect.


Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)

One of the latest advances in security camera systems are digital video recorders (DVRs). A DVR is a central piece of equipment that all of your cameras connect to and records the video coming from the cameras. The DVR can either record all of the video or just when motion is sensed. The DVR can be connected so that you are able to view your site via a monitor, TV, computer network or smart phone. Remote viewing of both live and recorded events of all your cameras are available 24/7 anywhere you have wireless or computer access. View your cameras if you are next door or in any part of the world while traveling!