Client Testimonials

We take great pride in our work, and nothing pleases us more than to receive a positive word or feedback from our clients. Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received over the years.

You have some good men working for you. Very professional, on time, communicative and knowledgeable. If I ever start a sound company, I will hire them! 😉

To that end, you should really think about advertising EXACTLY what they did for us. It is incredible and they made it easy. If you need a testimonial, you have one from me. Nice work.

The System is So Easy to use

Just sitting here relaxing in the lower level family room watching the Cardinals on TV. Suddenly the furnace which was on heat last night switched over to Air Conditioner and started blowing cold air down on me. Being lazy and not wanting to get up out of the chair and climb the stairs to turn it off I simply hit my Control 4 button and turned the A/C to off!!

Very nice!! Thanks!!

Westco did a fantastic job on the design and installation of my media room. The project was completed on time and within budget. I now have a room that has become the focus of our house, whether it’s a lazy Sunday morning watching news programs on a giant screen or the bottom of the ninth inning of a Cards/Cubs game in ridiculously clear high definition.

Thanks Westco!

After shopping at the usual big names and comparing prices, features, expertise, etc., I had “paralysis by analysis” and really didn’t know where to turn. Along comes Westco, who had earlier done some security work on our home. I explained what I wanted and, most importantly, told him the budget within which I had to work. He made some helpful suggestions to save money and put together a comprehensive plan for us.

From working with our basement contractors on timing and installation, To programming the remote, we have a better system than I ever imagined for the budget we had set. If you want the service to go along with the system, you need to give Westco a chance. As my kids said, “This is awesome!”

Our family thanks Westco!

Technology can be your friend or it can literally drive you crazy. We wanted whole house audio, a little bit of automation, and we wanted to keep it simple. Westco not only helped us navigate some very complicated terrain, but they also took the time to educate us on exactly what they were doing. No question was too stupid. They were responsive, professional, and a pleasure to deal with.

Great Job Westco

The cables looked great and the box seems very ‘official’ downstairs. The inspector apparently came in the morning before I was there and passed the work with no problems. You probably already knew it would though based on my earlier assessment! Take care. I really appreciate your service and kindness in getting my home back in order.

Thank you Westco

If you are still listening to your TV through the set, you are missing out. I recently completed my basement rehab project and wanted an HDTV with surround sound, but didn’t know where to begin. My contractor suggested Westco. They came over and explained my options, reviewed and recommended the best choices, offered credit card payment, and then had the installation crew do the rest. I now basically live to watch and listen to TV in my new basemen

Thank you